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goddess of English…

Resembling the Statue of Liberty she holds the Indian constitution in one hand and a giant pink pen aloft in her other to symbolise her literacy and wears an oversized straw hat to mark her defiance against traditional dress codes…she is a curious figure with her gaudy colours and bronze…but one who will be worshipped in a temple in Banka, Uttar Pradesh by the Dalit community as a symbol of Renaissance for future education, growth and improved social and economic prospects.


Report tomorrow 28/11 on bbc radio 4 11 GMT if you want to find out more.

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Werewolf in Leeds

I also love the reinterpretations and what Olly MOss has done to Wales in An American Werewolf in London, reminds me of being forced to watch the film by a very close mate at Uni a long time ago. And then there’s Totoro… If you’re in Leeds go see his first UK exhibition at the White Cloth Gallery…

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MosS Empire comes to UK

i’d love to be able to get up to Leeds (White Cloth Gallery) to see the first ever UK exhibition of OLLY MoSS’ fantastic art work.  I’ve always had a thing for vintage film posters prompted by Saul Bass and mostly all of the Hitchcock film posters. Especially as nowadays film posters are not always very imaginative: a churn them out blah rather than actually being a piece of art.  And Olly Moss’ work really does have that vintage seventies graphic design quality for me as he reinterprets cult films none other than Star Wars…


reading the signs

as a language teacher I have this thing for signs and I have to confess a little bit of the Lynne Truss, except my zero tolerance is for spelling on signs rather than punctuation.  I have a teacher like urge to underline and SP anything misspelt out there in the world on a sign…these were just some of my latest funny ones. And fortunately somebody has finally figured out cocktails does actually need a K, not sure where the builders diversion arrow expects pedestrians to walk unless we have suddenly all possessed spiderman super powers to scale walls...and as for the family run restaurant (malta wanderings) just because a business is family run doesn’t mean it’s going to be all cosy and glowing with the warmth of love…as we all know working with your family could be a potentially disastrous enterprise for all those involved, including the customers…

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it’s a small world and bristol is even smaller

it really is very very small…bumped into none other than sculptor again Barry Lewis from the exhibition You are What you Eat with. Crossing the road he was off to BBC Bristol to do an interview for BBC Bristol Radio to be broadcast this saturday….so check it out if you liked what you saw of the exhibition… With such random meetings or carefully planned it does feel like I’m living in a Murakami novel sometimes…

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you are what you eat with

before i got struck down by some hideous cold/flu like bug last week and took to the sofa under layers and layers of duvets to sound like darth vader trying to breathe, I did have the chance to go to the opening night of the November exhibition at the Grant Bradley Gallery  in Bedminster, Bristol.  Favourites of the night had to be Welsh sculptor Barry Lewis’ works in metal, floral and fauna sculpted from refashioning everyday metal objects. Things you’d find in your kitchen-pots, pans, toasters, ovens and some more heavy duty items like cement mixers.

The alternative to the mounted head of hunting trophies were amusing and ironic, especially the boar being sculpted from gravy boats and a meat mincer.  the sea scape framed by an old cast iron bed frame held suspended hammerhead shark, sawfish and various other wonders from the sea, a collection captain nemo would envy . it also reminded me of the huge victorian wooden and glass cases of stuffed animals held still in field museums and here in Bristol’s City Gallery and Museum.  Displaying old relics of victoriana with their beautifully landscaped background paintings, attempting to recreate the natural landscapes the hunted and stuffed animal in the foreground would have originated from. Certainly showing how our morality towards nature and art has so changed in a century.  Particularly evident in Lewis’ recasting of an ivory/bone tusk from all the cutlery, letter openers etc that the tusk was originally cut and carved and fashioned into…

even talking to the artist left you with that impression of mystical victorian attraction to collecting and cataloguing floral and fauna and even further back with the story of Durer’s rhino, the woodcut (1515) .  based on a sketch of an Indian rhino, Durer himself never actually seeing the rhino, it had been the first living example of a rhino in Europe since the Roman times.  However, as the story goes the touring rhino was put out of its misery perhaps when it was lost in a shipwreck off Italy. And yet Durer’s depction of the layers of armour of the rhino echoed throughout the exhibition’s pieces with their metal layers of protective and defensive armour, even on the gladiator, (a living model- very nice chap).

on one level quizzical recycler, making art out of disused metal, another the egalitarian- all of the items could be found in an average kitchen:these are the artist’s materials and then still a traditionalist- art inspired by nature, made by man, made by items made by man….

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paddington on holiday?

paddington and his little suitcase have always been an icon of travel for me and i can still recall my own paddington bear and his little black suitcase from my childhood.  I see him on graffiti stencil art around bristol and its message of free migration and now i see him on holiday by the seaside in the Mediterranean…Far from Peru he does certainly get around…

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room with a view

if only the Venetian buildings on crete could be renovated as beautifully as this one on the island of Malta.  There have been renovations and obviously there are other economic concerns, which crete faces at the moment, but it’s no excuse for why in the 70s so many beautiful examples of architecture were destroyed to make way for unimaginative concrete flats and why isn’t there any more investment and protection of architectural gems such as this stunningly ornate corner building…

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get yourself to greece

so i was lucky enough to go back to my island of crete where i used to live last week and although the charms of living back in england are still new to me it reminded me what a stunningly beautiful island crete  really is.  With the piles of leaves to crush under foot in england, decaying pumpkins left outside front doors from halloween and biting chilly winds numbing you ear lopes and hunching up your back all the time because it’s so cold giving you chronic backache in CRete it was not really autumnal at all. In fact it was 28  degrees for the whole week, only a handful of tourists in beach/pool edge restaurants and abandoned beaches:

why more people don’t go later in the season is a mystery when you don’t have to compete with hoards of tourists is beyond me…get yourself to crete.

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caravaning: green style

caravan holidays are not for everybody but i have the fondest nostalgic memories of caravan holidays in devon and cornwall in england as a child.  as an organisational freak i love the design of everything being so compact: changing dining tables and benches into double beds, integrated fire heaters and shelving and storage and mini kitchens and french doors… and i have the clearest memory of reading my first edgar allen poe story when about 11.  seeing Towering Inferno for the first time whilst sitting out a colossal rain storm inside the caravan with the rain beating down so hard on the metal roof that it felt like it was boring holes the size of tennis balls in it… So with this geeky tendency its not surprising that i totally fell in love with this person’s own personal interpretation of the caravan: except this one is a far greener way of caravaning..

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